Learn Software Development With Real World Technology Solutions

Who We Are

We are an assocation of software developers passionate about about what we do. We have experience in software development in variety of the industries such as healthcare, banking, insurance, gaming and engineering.

Why Are We Teaching

Some of our team members became a software developers attending different IT schools. While working as software developers they expressed an interest to teach others by sharing their knowledge and expetise. That's how the idea of teaching was born. But teaching should also include real life project so our graduates will have an experience that will give them knowledge about real life projects and confidence when they search for a job

Who we are not

We are not a training school.

Why Learn Software Development

It's a great career with excellent prospects.

How it works

You will take an apptitude test. Based on the test result we will determine how high is the chance that you will succeed in this process We want to be honest with you. We want you to trust us. Once you accepted you will pay processing fees and the first payment that will conver your first month of study Payment plan will be discussed with you once you are accepted.

Education Processs

You will be studying 3 nights a week 3 hours Two nights theory and 1 night practice The nights between classes you will be doing homework Homework will be reviewed by your instructor and detailed review will be send to you. Every project that you will be working on is a part of a real life application